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"The War of Worlds; Chapter 1: To War We Go"

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"The War of Worlds; Chapter 1: To War We Go" Empty "The War of Worlds; Chapter 1: To War We Go"

Post by General Ezho on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:57 pm

(Chapter 1 Intro) After our Campaign on Ord Mantell and on Taris, and with the threat of the Eternal Empire on Hoth, threats are arising everywhere. Rebellions against Zakuul, groups of scumbags such as Pirates and gangs tricked into working for Zakuul. What does Zakuul have planned? What are they up to? The time is soon.....

(Chapter 1)
Our mysterious allies were watching over Hoth and it's orbiting Star Fortress using their stealth technology, but it went south. Somehow their stealth tech wasn't enough, the sky Fortress saw through it. A few of it's fighters attacked and almost destroyed the modified Star Destroyer. Umbra Commander Aola'freykaa ordered all her people to use the escape pods to get to Hoth's surface, and set the Ship's prototype AI to jump the ship out of the system to bait the eternal empire away. With her men on the surface being slaughtered while on the run, Ghost Division and the Gray Knights went to deal with it. Our forces hijacked a Zakuulian shuttle from the surface, sending a small force inside the sky fortress to end it. The rest went after the Zakullian aligned Pirates, eliminating their dealings and operations. When the Sky Fortress blew up, more wreckage came crashing down onto the already cluttered surface. The Umbra Star Destroyer returned, still damaged but functional, to pick up the survivors and scavenge what it could in the means of Intel and valuable ship parts to use for future creations. A shuttle with our forces set back to Tatooine for the debrief.......

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