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Glocknien Queen

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Glocknien Queen  Empty Glocknien Queen

Post by Glock Nine on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:08 am

Name: Glocknien Queen

Aliases: Glock

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 200 lbs

Current Age: 25??

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Originally Black but now grayed due to malnutrition.

Race: Human with cyborg implants

Alignment: Force Sensitive, sometimes erring to the Republic due to past affiliation but with no permanent loyalties.

Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa

Unit Division: None Yet

Squad: None Yet

Clothes/Equipment: Whatever armor is available at the moment. Custom Lightsaber.

Marks: Scars over the right eye which has been replaced with an implant due to previous injury.

Personality: Glock tends to keep to himself in public but is very relaxed around friendlies. He has been through too much trauma to take everything seriously and tries to enjoy the details of life while helping others.

History: Glocknien was born to a prostitute in the depths of Nar Shaddaa and spent most of childhood being traded between huts and smugglers as a general purpose slave. During his teen years, Glock found himself working as a kitchen boy and janitor for an abusive group of smugglers aboard a small colony of linked ships and stations. One day the colony was raided by party of Republic troopers led by Lund, an aging Jedi Master in search of stolen kolto cultivation technology. While the raid party did not find what they were looking for, they were shocked when they entered the uncleared kitchen and dining area and found freshly stabbed corpses and a few blaster victims littering the floor.

Glocknien, a frail, starving teen stood in the corner with clean hands in the air and a warm blaster and bloodied knife at his feet. A few troopers kept their aim on the strange boy while another threw him to the ground and searched him for weapons. Under the directions of the Jedi Master Lund, the troopers took the boy back with them to their ship where he interrogated him about the kolto devices as well as about the murders he seemingly committed during the confusion of the raid. Glock denied any involvement with either affair and claimed to be mere "kitchen staff." Lund, even though he knew the emaciated teen had killed his captors, could only sense sincerity when he searched Glock's heart through the force. Lund winced and grew fearful knowing that the child must be using the force to conceal his feelings. While he contemplated taking Glock in for Jedi training, he perished the thought as Lund believed that such acts of violence would lead to peril for the order. He gave Glock two choices; the troopers could take him "home" to Nar Shaddaa or he could enlist with the Galactic Republic.

Five years later, Glock found himself as a low level corporal in a squad of elite troopers escorting Republic VIPs to and from political events and wartime meetings. He was working as security for a high ranking General who happened to be working closely with Master Lund. Lund ignored Glocknien's presence until Sith agents revealed themselves at the event and began executing as many high ranking officials as possible. Lund ordered Glock to rush the General to an escape pod while Lund himself took to subduing Sith agents. Glocknien was able to run down the hall and shove the General in a launching escape pod but then turned around to face a slender figure with a red lightsaber.

"That's my prey you just sent away." said the dark, hooded figure.

"If you want to pray you should go to a temple." Glock retorted has he drew his blaster.

Despite Glocknien's amazing draw speed, he was no match for a force user and he found his trusty blaster split into a hundred pieces by a mere move of the Sith's hand. Before he could even comprehend what had occurred, the dark jedi was upon him and his lightsaber had been thrust into Glock's right eye. But Glock had extended his arms fully and caught the Sith's wrist just at such an angle where he kept the blade from reaching beyond the eye socket. Glock screamed out in pain as the Sith swiftly pushed him away with the force using his free hand. Realizing that he had already failed his objective, the Sith boarded an escape pod and left Glock for dead.

Lund arrived in the corridor to find Glock's body with a horrible wound to the face. He was shocked, and could sense Glocknien's organs had been scrambled due to some impact and yet his heart was still beating. Lund dragged Glocknien to another escape pod and launched them both to safety. He was amazed as he realized that Glocknien was sustaining the last bit of life he had left using his own force sensitivity.

Some months after, Master Lund visited a military hospital to find that Glock was still comatose yet recovering from his injuries quite rapidly. Lund made a silent promise to the young trooper; that when he awoke, he would be a Jedi. For three years, Lund spoke to the soldier through meditation at his bedside and told him the ways of the galaxy as well as that of the Jedi and the Sith Empire. When Glocknien finally awoke from his coma, Lund had passed. But his teachings remained.

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