The Gray Awakening
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Zynell, the Grandmaster

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Zynell, the Grandmaster Empty Zynell, the Grandmaster

Post by Zynéll on Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:19 am

Name: Zynell Ne'yak Kun.

Aliases: Z, Zyn.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 167 gsp

Current Age: 27

Eye color: orange

Hair color: none, he has small horns arranged in a grown formation.

Race: Zabrak.

Alignment: Gray (Neutral, balanced between Light and Dark)

Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa

Unit Division: High Council

Squad: High Council Assault Team

Clothes/Equipment: Wears a White tunic with gray undertones.

Marks: Has Zabraki Facial Tattoos.

Personality: Protects Civilians at all costs, not afraid to take out a defenseless enemy. Has a soft side that few have seen.

History: Zynell was once a padawan within the Jedi Order, but over the years he began to seek knowledge forbidden to him by his Jedi Masters. He found an ancient holocron built during the force wars on Tython millennia before. The dark teachings corrupted his minds and he went rogue. Years later he was captured by his former master, Bi'yaki. Bi'yaki was a zabrak as well and begged Zynell to return to the order and set aside his dark side ways. Zynell refused and said that he'd rather die than become a Jedi again. The Jedi exiled him to Ashla hoping that its light side energy would rid him of his darkness. But instead, Zynell escaped on a light freighter and returned to find his family on Nar Shaddaa. He found out that his brother Nekarr had be kidnapped by the Empire and made to train as a sith apprentice. Zynell was just about to depart to Korriban to search for his Brother when the Eternal Empire of Zakuul attacked the Republic and Empire. The Eternal Empire imposed martial law on both factions and restricted travel between the core worlds and the outer rim. Zynell knew that if he wanted any chance to save his brother, that he'd have to stand up and challenge the Eternal Throne. He set about establishing his own order known as 'The Gray Knights' that sought balance with the force. The order to this day is growing in power, one day it shall challenge the Eternal Throne and restore peace to the Galaxy.

Sample Roleplay: "Zynell was walking, he was deep in thought about the future of the Gray Knights and if he was truly meant to lead them. His bitter hatred of the foes that still alluded him was ever present in his mind. He allowed the dark side energies present on the planet to coalesce within his body and became possessed by it. He felt the power and saw it as good." (Going to rewrite this but didn't have much time)

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