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Zel'ah Keno

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Zel'ah Keno Empty Zel'ah Keno

Post by Zel'ah on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:40 pm

Name: Zel'ah Keno

Aliases: Zel

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 195lbs

Current Age: 26

Eye color: Yellowish-Orange

Hair color: Black

Race: Human; Cybernetically Enhanced

Alignment: Tier IV Light

Home Planet: Alderaan

Unit Division: Jedi

Squad: N/A

Clothes/Equipment: Light Brown tunic and garmets

Marks: Cybernetically implanted features on face. Cut Mark between Jaw and Skull; Cybernetic Attachment Braces. Right Eye Removed; Cybernetic Eye in place. Damaged Ears; Cybernetic Hearing-Enhancements

Personality: Very Nuetral and Mistrusting to new people, but shows compassion and care for those he knows. Can put aside Mistrust when put on pressure or set to acquire a common goal.

History: Born on 3658 BBY, Zel'ah was born onto Alderaanean refugees 9 years after the Battle of Alderaan, and was the youngest of the 4 children. However, his parents were killed in a suspicious accident in the Organa Marketplace when he was 5, the year when the Sacking of Coruscant happened. Instead of a orphanage, the siblings split into a group of two, with Zel'ah and the eldest sibling staying near the Organan Palace, and his middle siblings going to House Teral. At 7, his eldest brother disappeared, and Zel'ah resorted to Scavenging to survive. 2 years later, he was discovered scavenging scraps of a droid by a man named Jeikk Allko, who turned out to be a Jedi Master. Master Jeikk discovered the boy to have a strong affinity to the force, and took the boy to Tython.
           Zel'ah began training under the Jedi Order and was taken in as a Padawan under Master Jeikk at the age of 12. At the age of 18, he and Master Jeikk were assigned to defend a outpost 5 miles west of House Organa from invading Imperials and Thul. Eventually, these forces attacked the outpost, and were led by a Sith Apprentice. The Sith Apprentice dueled the Master and Padawan until a striking blow hit Master Jeikk, killing him. Zel'ah and a few others fled from the outpost soon after, but were lured into a trap and were captured by the Empire. He was taken into Dromund Kaas and was used very poorly by the Empire, as they believed he was too weak to become a Sith. He was a training dummy, lab rat, and a slave. He only escaped by sneaking onto a cargo ship to Nar Shadda at the age of 20. There, he was treated for his injuries from the Empire and went to Ilum to meditate.
           A year later, Ilum came under attack from a giant armada from the depths of Wild Space. Zel'ah volunteered to help defend, but was pushed back by Twin Conquerors. Zel'ah attempted to tell the Republic about this, but Korriban and other outposts near Wild Space were attacked by then, and the Twins suddenly disappeared. Later, Darth Marr recruited people of both factions to explore the Wild Space and find the Sith Emperor, but Zel'ah only joined to find out who the Twin Conquerors were. When the Armada returned to Darth Marr's carrier, Zel'ah helped defend the ship and escorted workers to escape pods, until he too was forced to escape. A day later, the Armada attacked planets like Dromund Kaas, Coruscant, Ilum, Ord Mantell, and other planets in a galactic war that only lasted a few months.
           After the war, Zel'ah fled to Asylum, a spaceport on the outskirts of the Eternal Empire, and went into exile. He established a scrapping market and lived in peace until 3 years after the rise of the Eternal Empire, where he discovered the Sith Apprentice, now a Darth, who killed Master Jeikk and captured Zel'ah. He was enraged by seeing him and attacked the Darth. Midway the duel, however, Zel'ah Keno discovered he could use the force to look into people's hearts, and discovered that the Darth was named As'h, and found the truth that he was one of his long lost brothers from Alderaan.
           Darth As'h explained that he and his other brother were taking in by the Sith while travelling to Teral. He and his other brother, Xi'll, were trained into the Sith. He also explained that the eldest brother, who niether remember the name, was taking in as a Jedi, but is now missing. 2 Years after this, and Zel'ah and As'h found themselves in a Zakuulan invasion of Asylum, just days after a noticeably large ship docked in. Zel'ah and As'h fought against multiple skytroopers and dueled with a couple Zakuulan Knights. However, they were soon forced into hiding after nearly being overwhelmed. Days after, Zel'ah and As'h found the reason of the attack was to capture the large ship, called the Gravestone, and to capture a person called The Outlander.
           Inspired by the Outlander, Zel'ah and As'h travelled to find where he was to join him, and eventually found Odessen. Zel'ah decided to join what remnats of the Jedi was left, and As'h the remnants of the Sith. Eventually, Zel'ah was taken in to be the apprentice of Khelaba, and studies the Gray Force. However, Zel'ah keeps onto the light, and hopes to spread the affinity of the Light Side throughout the Alliance.

Sample Roleplay: Zel'ah walked onto the podium, staring out onto the twin suns rising above the horizon, and turned his head to the left, acknowledging the person approaching him.


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