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Do'va Flockanis

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Do'va Flockanis Empty Do'va Flockanis

Post by Sumia on Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:45 am

Name: Do'va Flockanis

Current Age: 18

Eye color: White

Hair color: Brown

Race: Human/Pureblood

Alignment: Republic

Home Planet: Ziost

Clothes/Equipment: Two lightsabers; Modified assassin's armor

Marks: A scar along her mouth from a fight with her siblings, assassin's brand on her upper left back

Personality: Friendly, naive

History: Do'va is the youngest of 3 sisters born into a family of pureblood assassins. As the baby of the family, she was always looked out for by her older sisters and parents. But while she was the youngest, she also showed great promise and strength in the force; almost matching that of her eldest sister, even at a young age.

Do'va grew into obedience towards her family, always attending missions and seeking her own marks when assigned. She and her middle sister, Sumia, usually went on missions together, while their older sister attended them alone. This cause a strong bond to form between the two. Soon, they were inseparable. Her sister even soon began to refer to Do'va as "Little Princess," as they were to become leaders of the assassin organization if their parents were to not return home from a mission.

After several years of service to their family, her sisters left to the Empire and Republic. Do'va, being so close to Sumia, went to the Republic, though she did not join the Jedi Order, like her sister did. She did, however, keep up training in the force and her practice with a lightsaber. Shortly after her sister joined the Jedi Order, she learned that her eldest sister joined the Sith Order. This was one of the things that pushed her away from joining either order...Until the day Sumia came to her with news about a new, forming order that believes in both sides of the force..."Come, little princess...I've found us a home." Sumia said to her....


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