The Gray Awakening
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Master Sumia

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Master Sumia Empty Master Sumia

Post by Sumia on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:37 am

Name: Sumia Flockanis

Current Age: 22

Eye color: White

Hair color: Black

Race: Human/Pureblood

Alignment: Republic

Home Planet: Ziost (Pre Vitiate's massacre)

Unit Division: Jedi Master (High Council)

Clothes/Equipment: Jedi Robes, Assassin's outfit.

Marks: Bears the mark of an assassin's cult on the back of her left hand and two on both sides of her rib-cage.

Personality: Usually friendly; can be angered quickly if her friends are injured.

Spoken Languages: Basic and High Sith

History: Sumia, along with her two sisters, one older and one younger, was born into a "family" of assassins. While everyone in this organization considered themselves family, Sumia and her sisters were the only blood relatives. Their mother was a human, while their father was a pureblood. As Sumia grew up with these assassins, these murderers she called family, she grew to believe there was no wrong in taking a life. Her father would tell her, "There can be no life without the shed of some blood..." and she grew to live by this.

As a teenager, about the age of 14, Sumia began missions for her family, slaying any mark given to her by her mother or father, which were both leaders of the organization. She trained since she was 5 on how to wield a blade in combat and how to use the force as an ally...she never needed the Jedi, or Sith academy. Thus so, she was given marks in both the Republic, and the Sith Empire.

As Sumia grew, she became distant from her emotions; all she knew how to do was fight, kill, and take care of her younger sister, after her elder sister joined the Empire. Her younger sister was weaker than her, and she could tell. She did her best to see to it that her sister would live and learn to fight, as Sumia had learned. The only person she cared for, openly, was her younger sister, and it was clear to everyone in her "family" that this was so. Every moment she could, she would spend with her when neither of them were on a mission.

When Sumia turned 20, she left her family on Ziost, and her sister followed. Instead of following their oldest sister, they went to the Republic instead. Sumia wanted a life away from senseless killing. She wanted to see what life was like with "the good guys," so she joined the Jedi Order. Shortly after beginning her training to become a padawan, she heard of The Gray Awakening. There, she found a place she felt truly understood the force. A place she felt could achieve balance within the Force.


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