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Post by Aquariel on Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:18 pm

Aquariel update for anyone who missed or wants to know more Smile I apologize if I spelt your toons name wrong Very Happy

Several weeks ago Aquariel received word from a friend in the Republic SIS about her missing parents. The tip lead to Ariels home world of Tattooine a planet she knows very well, she chose to act on this information and left her training on Yavin to go undercover. However once on Tattooine something went wrong and Ariel quickly found herself in over her head, and after sending a distorted message to her master back back on Yavin Ariel was attacked and fell. Fortunately Khelaba (Aquariels master) received the message and decoded it, Khelaba left for Tattooine to find her apprentice and she did but barely alive. Ariel injuries were as followed and were inflicted with the purpose to let her bleed out under the hot Suns , she suffered several lacerations on her shoulders and left leg, a non fatal blaster wound to the gut, several broken ribs and bruised bones and finally she had thrown off of a cliff on to a pile of Kryate dragon bones several of which punctured her body. Aquariel survived on thoughts of loved ones and hope until Khelaba found and brought her to the military hq on Tattooine for emergency treatment. After some time in a kolto tank and the skill of an amazing doctor ((Ezho alt Ky something I'm writing this on my phone and have no way to confirm the name:) ))she awoke and was ordered to take it easy for a while and stay on Tattooine. Being extremely stupid/bored and stubborn Aquariel ignored this and with the help of Aluminious, she disabled the medical and security equipment and snuck off to Yavin to study and visit friends. She took a medical droid with her, it would assist her with moving around and often give her pain killers and other medication. Aquariel ignoring her doctors advice of rest soon found herself in trouble as her leg had become infected. though she did not know the extent of the injury and hid the pain from everyone until she could no longer walk. Preach((again I know the name is wrong Very Happy )) one of the orders medics was able to completely remove the infection and cure most of her other wounds with some unknown and mysterious technique that almost cost him his life. Aquariel is now about 85% back to normal she is still sore and some of her ribs are still bruised but she won't complain about any of it. throughout the entire ordeal Aquariel never lost her sense of humor ,kindness or hope and she believes the experience has made her stronger and laying out in the suns of Tattooine did give her a sweet tan! she refuses to talk about what happened on Tattooine. Who attacked her? What happened to her parents? Why won't she talk about it? For now she is taking it easy on Yavin talking to all the younglings and her friends, but can't wait to return to her missions and Jedi studies.


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