The Gray Awakening
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Cpt Ramba Ral

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Cpt Ramba Ral Empty Cpt Ramba Ral

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:10 pm

Name: Ramba Ral

Aliases: Formery Lot-lonan, Dav, Maverick, Ral , Ramba
Height: 6ft

Weight: 175 IBs

Current Age: 25

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Race: mirialan
Alignment: Grey
Home Planet: Unkown

Unit Division: Ghost Division

Squad: None

Clothes/Equipment: Scout armor, Pilot gear

Marks: Scar on the left side of his face.
Personality: Loves a good fight, easy to talk to with a strong sense of right and wrong. But these strong convictions can lead to moral dilemmas. Doesn't like Cathar, unless they've lost that loving feeling  Wink

History: Taken as a child into the Jedi order he grew up in the ways of the force having come from a family of force wielders, he would become a powerful Jedi knight but at a cost. His master was slain before his eyes for bestowing mercy on the life of a sith assassin. He was taught to show mercy and compassion, that fighting shouldn't be the first step. "Jedi aren't meant to be judge jury and executioner, even in war". In a fit of rage he defeated the Sith which ultimately brought him his accession from Padawan. However his faith in the Jedi code wavered from that day on." What is a jedi?" is would ask himself "what am i to become, what is my destiny why am i even at war, i didn't want any of this" This sent him down on a path to darkness years of war made him calloused and cold to life itself, everyday was just another battle. "If life is full of suffering then i should just put people out of their misery, that is the mercy ill give them, the mercy my master should have bestowed" But right before the point of no return his master reappeared before him "do not fret child, this world is cruel yes, but that is why we fight, so that there does not have to need needless cruelty". Taking his words to heart he realized the error of his ways, but it was too late for him to forgive the Jedi way, he faked his death in order to leave the order and prevent those from searching for him. To make sure this was final he would sever his link to the force as well, as to seal the deal. changed his name and enlisted into the republic army to fight a different way, without light and dark and to search for answers of his own. Enter the Gray Awakening.


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