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Story arc guidelines & rules

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Story arc guidelines & rules Empty Story arc guidelines & rules

Post by Zynéll on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:51 am


- No ERP story arcs.
- No God mode based story arcs.
- Personal story arcs are second priority and don't require a set date.
- Guild-wide story arcs must be written so that they can encompass everyone.
- Story arcs must be written with a basic guideline of events to avoid confusion.
- Please refrain from writing story arcs occurring outside of the current SWTOR time frame. ( In other words, please don't write up a story arc that, for example, occurred fifty years before the invasion of the Galactic Republic. Not unless it has direct ties to another story arc or situation. )
- Anyone can write a story arc.
- Please refrain from attempting to kill off someone else's character in a story arc that you've written without their permission.
- Please refrain from doing a personal story arc with others when you knowingly have little time to be online, as it is annoying.

Thank you.


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