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"The Return of a Bloodline" Ezho's New Character Arc

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"The Return of a Bloodline" Ezho's New Character Arc Empty "The Return of a Bloodline" Ezho's New Character Arc

Post by General Ezho on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:44 pm

Born into a Mandalorian/Sith crossed bloodline, Ezho's male cousin becoming Sith then later a technological genius and his female cousin becoming a force sensitive mandalorian. He grew up on Corellia to experience the Imperial attacks along side his brother, Arkulah, which caused the two to abandon their family heritage and join the Republic Armed Forces.

Years later, Ezho retired and chose to settle down his life. His brother, Arkulah, would serve the Republic for a few more years to then retire from the Republic. After the invasion of Zakuul, Arkulah would ally with the Gray Knights and begin building a new military known as the Ghosts, only to vanish. Ezho took the reigns and is now leading the Ghosts in his brother's honor. With the three last known survivors of this once powerful yet honorable bloodline, Ezho and his cousins, split up and no longer in much contact with each other, a mysterious figure comes out of nowhere, a Zabrakii Male wearing armor similar to Mandalorians, two Vibroswords, and a shady mission.

This male infiltrated the Ghost base and was caught by two guards and brought in for questioning. What will this reveal? Who really is he, what is his true goal, and how does he know about Arkulah's mysterious disappearance?

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