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Chexya Velos

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Chexya Velos Empty Chexya Velos

Post by Mystieria on Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:07 pm

Name: Chexya Velos

Aliases: Chex, Chex Mix

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 129

Current age: 29

Eye color: White

Hair color: Red

Race: Cyborg

Alignment: Leans more towards light side.

Home planet: Nar Shaddaa

Unit division: High Council

Squad: ^

Clothes/ equipment: Chexya normally wears a light green toga over a white shirt with several pieces of jewelry along her arm. She wears ripped white pants to match and white boots. She wears this for meditation and her casual look, but wears a tight piece of cloth over her chest and a battle harness with black pants and boots for battle. She wields a double bladed, black and blue light saber.

Marks: Chexya has a small scar on her left cheek from an accident while training on Korriban. She has cybernetic implants on her temples to enhance her vision and she can scan others for a basic understanding before she asks.

Personality: Chexya is a kind hearted Jedi who always seemed more of a motherly type to everyone. She always took everyone else's problems on herself and held onto them with a heavy heart. She thinks about others first and her own self last if ever. She's loyal to those she's around and will tell the honest truth even if it sounds harsh. She doesn't open up to anyone and usually keeps her missions first.

History: Chexya was born on Nar Shadda as a slave. Her mother was a slave to a rich and powerful hutt and she spent her time trying to protect Chexya. She was successful until her sister was born and Chexya was 5 years old. The little girl named, Raylin, was born very special with purple hair. This intrigued the hutt and shipped Chexya and Raylin off to Alderaan to be suited with fine apparel and to be presented to another hutt as a bargain for peace. In fear for her younger sister, Chexya snuck out with her, hoping to find a place to hide the little bundle. She was almost successful, but they were captured by a powerful sith who was present at House Thul at the time. A noble from the House made a bargain with the sith and They were separated. Chexya was taken to Korriban and her sister raised under House Thul. Chexya grew up in the midst of the darkside around her, and despite the sith's teachings, she held onto to what she believed was right which made her difficult to handle. She was fitted with cybernetic alterations as an effort to control her and her powerful connection to the force under Imperial Intelligence. It worked mostly, but she still held on to a small bit of hope that she could escape one day. That day finally came when she was sent to Taris to expose a traitor. The traitor turned out to be a Jedi who saved Chexya and took her back to Coruscant. Her implants were altered to have no connection to the Empire and she was soon fighting along side the Jedi. She became a master and quite experienced with her saber and had almost forgotten her past when she felt a strong urge to find her sister. She searched several planets and eventually found a girl who was the right age and had the same hair. She was no longer called Raylin, but Mystieria, and was traveling the galaxy as a drifter. Chexya watched her for awhile waiting for the chance to speak to her and tell her of her past.


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