The Gray Awakening
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The Tetrid Droll Story Arc:

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The Tetrid Droll Story Arc: Empty The Tetrid Droll Story Arc:

Post by Zynéll on Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:20 am

Background: Zynell and Quim'va were possessed by a sith ghost named Tetrit Droll soon after the temple's excavation. They went to the planet Voss to receive healing from the shrine of healing. The ghost left but returned soon after in Quim'va. It caused her to kill Precthiz and Zynell but the ghost was driven out once more. After reviving Precthiz and Zynell she went into hiding. She returned and the ghost had implanted itself in her mind a third time. Zynell sensed this and fought her after Quim'va attacked the Gray Ghosts' base of operations on Tatooine. With the help of allies Zynell and his allies from the Hierarchy in Ruin project secured the temple from which the ghost had first emerged and that the Gray Knights now use as their temple. After expelling the ghost from Quim'va a third time, Zynell received a vision from the force in which he saw what appeared to be a possessed droid of immense dark side power. He knows that a fight will be coming soon and that'd he'd need the support of all of his allies and followers to defeat the threat. Tetrit Droll is coming, will you stand with us to fight him?

Course of events:

- 1) Zynell and Quim'va were possessed by the ghost later found out to be Tetrit Droll.
- 2) Quim'va broke free and rushed to Voss upon Kaidorian's proposal that they use the Voss shrine of healing.
- 3) The trio went to Voss and temporary drove out the ghost through use of a healing stone in the shrine of healing on Voss.
- 4) A few weeks later, Quim'va was possessed again and killed Zynell by luring him to the top of a mountain and knocking him off.
- 5) Mystieria, Zynell's lover confronted Quim'va who was then possessed by Tetrit Droll after Zynell appeared in force ghost form to warn her about Quim'va.
- 6) TBC


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