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Nepaskus Acerunner

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Nepaskus Acerunner Empty Nepaskus Acerunner

Post by grazzbek on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:54 pm

Name: Nepasku Acerunner

Aliases: (None insofar)

Height: 5'10

Weight: 185 lbs

Current Age: 19

Eye color: Light Blue

Hair color: Brown

Race: Mirialan

Alignment: Neutral/Gray

Home Planet: Mirial

Unit Division: None insofar as I can tell

Squad: ^

Clothes/Equipment: (Nepaskus has no set outfit yet) Nepaskus wields two sabers, one has a Sith design and the other more akin to a jedi's. The colors are a fiery orange and blue.

Marks: Like all Mirialans, Nepaskus has geometric facial tattoos (as seen on his character)

Personality: Nepaskus is young, wary, socially awkward, and slightly immature.

History: Born on his people's homeworld of Mirial, Nepaskus enjoyed a simple yet happy life with his parents and older sister Leerolla. Leerolla and Nepaskus were especially close being near inseparable which caused the eventual separation from his sister for her to betrained in the ways of the Jedi very harsh for the young boy. Upon finding out that he will likely never see Leerolla again. The jedi would later on come to learn that Nepaskus was force sensitive as well, but when they came to retrieve the boy, Nepaskus swore that he would never join an order that forbid its members from seeing their own families. Nepaskus' parents, thinking they knew what was best for the child prepared to send Nepaskus off with the Jedi anyway against his wishes, but Nepaskus upon learning this ran away from home vowing he would prove to the Jedi that their way of thinking was wrong. He thought about joining the Sith, but learned that while the Sith also saw the Jedi's ways as ridiculous, they went to the complete other extreme and thus Nepaskus decided he would take the largely uncharted middle ground. He would walk the fine line between light and dark, utilizing the powers and abilities of both sides, but while he would willingly allow himself to feel emotion he also vowed that he would walk the path of good. Nepaskus smuggled himself offworld by stowing away in the ship of the young human smuggler Almiphia Acerunner. Nepaskus had hoped to hide in the smuggler's cargo then sneak off when she made her next landing, but the owner of the ship proved to be intuitive and discovered her stowaway almost immediately. Almiphia, who was barely old enough to be a captain of her own ship, sympathized with the boy's plight having denied walking the path of the jedi herself and thus decided to invite Nepaskus to join her crew. Nepaskus willingly accepted and traveled with Almiphia for many years and the two began to treat eachother like family to the point Nepaskus cast aside his old surname to take on Almiphia's. Nepaskus proved to be a freeloader, opting to study and hone his use of the force rather than take up life as a smuggler, though to no frustration of the young captain who took him in. Almiphia would in fact encourage Nepaskus in his endeavors often saying: "I think those Jedi need to learn that being too sanitized only weakens the immune system" and also help him visit old ruins of Jedi and Sith origin. Together the two forged an unbreakable bond that has pushed Nepaskus onward even after Almiphia's disappearance during the rise of the eternal throne


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