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Post by HouseFurcifer on Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:11 am

House Furcifer Screen10

Name: Reyal Furcifer

Aliases: Too Many to list, has often used fake names and credentials to by pass detection by authorities

Height: 5m 9inches

Weight: N.A.

Current Age: 27

Eye color: Gray

Hair color: Black (Shaved head)

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral leaning towards light

Home Planet: N.A.

Unit Division: Hired Gun for Gray Ghosts

Squad: ^

Clothes/Equipment: Black and Red Tench Coat, two Blaster Pistols, Desler DS-4

Marks: Tattoo of the name 'Nal'anor Furcifer' on his chest

Personality: Sarcastic, smug and unwilling to shy away from a challenge, is fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

History: The son of a drifter couple, Reyal's father abandoned the family while Reyal was still an infant. His mother blamed him for his father's absence. Providing for the both of them proved difficult for Reyal's mother and Reyal was put to work at age 4. The pair incurred considerable debt as a result Reyal's mother sold him to the Exchange at age 10 to pay off some of the debt. Reyal was then sold by the Exchange to a group of pirates working for Black Sun known as The Nexu Fang Pirates, here he learned how to pilot starships, the use of a blaster, self defense as well as the tricks of the pirate trade. At age 17 Reyal met Chiss, bounty hunter Nal'anor Dumaru. Nal taught Reyal to improve his skill with a blaster and with Nal's help he became an excellent sharpshooter. The two grew close and married 2 years later. The Nexu Fang Pirates were slaughtered several months after Reyal and Nal's marriage, some members of the gang made a power play against the current vigo by bombing the safe house. Reyal survived but Nal, along with most of the gang, were presumed dead. Reyal took what money he had and purchased an XS light frieghter and began freelance smuggling. For the next seven years Reyal continued freelance smuggling and also took privateer work for the Republic, Reyal was present for the Liberation of Balmorra, The Battle of Ilum and The Battle Against the Revanites on Yavin 4. It was during this time that Reyal married an exiled Twi'Lek Jedi by the name of Cha'zesh Fortuna the two split after four months when Reyal found that she was secretly helping slavers smuggle 'cargo' through Republic space. after the Revanite incident Reyal began haulling supplies for The Gray Knights. Through The Gray Knights, Reyal discovered his paternal half brother Atzethel Furcifer.

Sample Roleplay: (will fill in later because I am lazy lol)

House Furcifer Screen12

Name: Atzethel Furcifer

Aliases: Zet, Zeth, Atz

Height: 5m 11inches

Weight: N.A.

Current Age: 25

Eye color: White

Hair color: Black

Race: human

Alignment: Neutral

Home Planet: Alderaan

Unit Division: The Gray Knights

Squad: ^

Clothes/Equipment: White Tunic, Pale Blue Blade Double-Bladed Lightsaber, Hinterland Whitefang "Eddie"

Marks: White Eyes, the unexplainable occurance, happened during Jedi Training, eye color was Blue.

Personality: Is usually quiet and only really talks when he feels his input is needed, however will rant when a situation calls for it

History: Born on Alderaan, Atzethel's mother was a servant of House Organa, his father was a drifter who died shortly before his birth. Zet had a normal childhood, his career focus was to enter politics. Zet had a passion for learning fighting styles of other cultures believing that knowledge of other cultures was crucial to understanding them. Zet has learned most and can perform some of the Echani forms. Zet knew that he was a better fighter than most people and knew that there was something in him that attributed to this. At age 17 Atzethel was walking home when a couple of pick pockets ambushed him. Zet easily beat them, however in doing so attracted the attention of a Jedi advisor to House Organa who explained that Zet was force sensitive. Atzethel left Alderaan and his mother to become a Jedi. Atzethel had many masters during his studies as he learned the ways of a Jedi Consular. His aptitude for learning led him to studying artifacts and holocrons containing knowledge of the darkside of the force, all of this done without the knowledge of his masters. During a skirmish on Tatooine with a sith marauder Atzethel realised that he was outmatched and staring death in the face, Atzethel made a last desperate attempt to defeat his assailant by drawing on his knowledge of The Dark Side. Despite his use of the Dark Side Zet did not succumb to it and began to find flaws in the Jedi Code and the Sith Code, Atzethel began to believe that the true path to real knowledge of the force lay in between the two. Atzethel left the Jedi Order after The Battle of Ilum, and began wandering the galaxy taking odd jobs. While on Corucant Atzethel discovered The Gray Knights and joined their order. Through the Gray Knights he learned of the existance of his paternal half brother Reyal Furcifer.

Sample Roleplay: (will fill in later lol)

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