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Post by Aquariel on Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:38 pm

Name: Aquariel

Aliases:Aqua, 2o (too-oh)

Height: 5'7

Weight: 140

Current Age: 25

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond

Race: Human

Alignment:Light Side

Home Planet: Tattooine

Unit Division:The Jedi Order Apprentice

Squad: ^

Clothes/Equipment: Currently she wears her padawan robes, currently she has not yet crafted her lightsaber and carries a training saber

Marks: She does have tattoos on her face they are very light and she hides half of them under her hair

Personality: Aqua is a complete nerd, she spends most of her time in the archives learning everything she can about the force, she wields the force as her weapon (part of the reason she does not have her saber yet) but is far from mastering it. She is also very eager to please  and has slight medical skill.

History: Aquariel was born on Tattooine she often jokes about how her parents must of wanted water so badly that when they had Aquariel they just named her after water. She grew up in a homestead just outside of Anchorhead she would often go into town either on her own or with her mother and  get lost reading any texts she could get her hands on in the markets, when she was 14 years old her parents were taken away from her by the Czerka Company, she was turned homeless and started living on the streets to survive. one day a Jedi knight and his padawan  found Aqua and both of them could sense the force in her. The master took Aqua under his wing after his apprentice had fallen trying to defend Aqua from sand people during a raid on Anchorhead. Aqua and her new Jedi friend spent many more years on Tattooine he began to teach her in the ways of the force until his classified mission was complete on the desert planet. When the Jedi was finally recalled to Tython he took Aqua with him where she began real training until noticed by the Gray Jedi order where she now spends her days learning from her new Master.

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