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Mystieria (Thul)

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Mystieria (Thul)  Empty Mystieria (Thul)

Post by Mystieria on Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:32 am

Name: Mystieria (Thul)

Aliases: Missy, Myst

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 128

Current age: 24

Eye color: light brownish

Hair color: purple

Race: human

Alignment: Neutral. Leans more toward light or dark depending on the situation.

Home planet: Raised on Alderaan. Not sure of birth planet.

Unit division: Not in a certain place, just information specialist and handler.

Squad: ^

Clothes/equipment: Missy usually wears a blue vest with a white shirt underneath. She wears ripped pants and high knee boots with two blasters, one on each hip.

Marks: Nothing special except for her purple hair and a small scar on her collar bone from her first encounter with a bounty hunter.

Personality: Missy is a hard person to get to know because she has such a hard shell surrounding herself. Due to losing people she loved, she tends to not make relationships and stays to herself. She's uncomfortable in large crowds and prefers one or two people around her at a time. When she is comfortable, she can be fun to be around and has a bit of a smart mouth. She loves going to cantinas and drinking to get out of her lonely mindset.

History: Missy was orphaned on Alderaan when she was only a few months old. A noble from House Thul took her in and raised her. Her coined her the name Mystieria Thul due to the fact her past wasn't known and her purple hair stood out. She was raised in the noble home with parties, dresses, and was always forced to keep her wild side contained. When she was 18, the noble wanted to take her as his wife and had a smuggler fly in extravagant pieces from worlds far away to gift them to her. Missy met the smuggler and fell in love. They flew off together and he taught her his tricks and were eventually married on Voss. Not long after they were wed, a bounty hunter sent from House Thul found them on Nar Shaddaa. Her lover was killed and she was shot, leaving a scar on her collarbone. She survived, but never was the same. She dropped her last name and went by her first to keep her nobility a secret. She started putting up her defenses and kept people out as she continued to fly the galaxy searching for jobs and drinks in the cantina. She became a part of The Gray Knights through an odd in counter with a Zabrak.


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