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Astechacha Lugioh

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Astechacha Lugioh Empty Astechacha Lugioh

Post by Pringleguru on Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:36 pm

Name: Astechacha Lugioh

Aliases:  Ast

Height: 6'9

Weight: 145 lbs

Current Age: 28

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Dark Brown

Race: Human

Alignment: Light

Home Planet: Corellia

Unit Division: TBD (To be decided)

Squad: (Squad, if any, that your unit belongs to) none

Clothes/Equipment: wears adaptive grey armor with two light sabers one gold and one blackish-blue

Marks: He has three bruises on his back that never went away due to his harsh training on Tython.

Personality: (How does your character act under different situations.) He is usually a calm and collected individual, but when he is not on the battlefield he is relaxing at the guilds' cantina or a Tallea's resort on Coruscant. He is lazy, but will do his work every now and than and he has a big heart. He also likes to make snide remarks and jokes with his friends.

History: Astechacha lived with his parents until he was five when the order took him away to be trained, but as he grew up there and did everything he was asked he started to realize how weak the order was and how the empire was no different. He left the order and age twenty-five and traveled the galaxy for the next two years. During those years he got into a lot of trouble with gangs and civil wars, everywhere he went he helped anyway he could until he wounded up at Yavin 4 where he joined the Gray Jedi. He studied the philosophy and realized how wrong the Jedi and Sith were, they always fought over who's ideals outmatched the other, they split the force like it was territory, and now along with his fellow Gray force users he will help bring balance to the force and heal the Galaxy.

Sample Roleplay: (Must include this character, helps us determine how comfortable you are in roleplay.) Any will Be fine

                              Story of Astechacha

I was just five when I was taken to the order, and remember a lot of things about my family other than the sadness written on my mother's face. Father looked like he was going to cry, but kept it inside trying to hide the sadness he felt too. I got hugs and kisses before I left and that was the last time I ever saw my parents. The flight to Tython took longer than I expected, maybe because I sat there and did nothing I guess, but either way it was boring and being told I would never see my parents again is a lot of stuff to drop on a five year old and I cried like a lost bantha to its mother. Master Kade informed me I'll be taught to hone my skills and be raised as a Jedi, it brightened me up a bit, he told me I'll be making friends with other younglings from other worlds. When the shuttle landed I was excited when I saw Other kids my age training together with smiles on their faces, I even managed to befriend a Twi'lek named A'dre, who was by herself hitting a dummy. We were inseparable, we went everywhere together, but six years later we were assigned to different masters and on her first mission she was killed, depression had overtaken me and I hated how I couldn't do anything about it. During the early months after her death, I became anti-social and refused to acknowledge anyone around me. Master Kade noticed my grief and brought me back to my home on Corellia defying the council's wishes and I got to see my family again, it made me want to get out of my hole of depression and got to know my new 6 year old brother and sister, who were twins. After a week on Corellia, Kade informed me we have to get back to Tython and continue my training, my family were sad I had to leave, but they understood and said their goodbyes. My siblings were crying on my chest and soaking up my robes, they begged me not to leave, they held onto me as tight as they could believing I would never return, which I understood and I told them I'd be back in a couple of years.

When I turned 16, I was allowed to leave the temple and travel the Galaxy, I took the opportunity to visit my family, but there was a blockade on the planet when I arrived. I tuned into the news and found out Corellia has been overrun by Rakghouls and the Republic is trying to take back the planet, I could feel my emotions begin to become out of control and I felt nothing but anger and sadness, but was soon replaced with happiness when my mailbox beeped and got a message from them saying how they made it to Coruscant before all of the planet was gone. I cried tears of Joy and went to visit them once they gave me the address to the apartment. I walked into the apartment with a smile adorned on my face and the twins, now 11 years old came rushing at me and knocked me over hugging me as tight as they could, with all the laughter going on at the front door I didn't notice my parents walking in with a smile and tears of joy. Soon, my family were in the living room, laughing, telling stories, and giving me gifts like new clothes that I'll cherish until I die. I wish I could stay there forever, but I knew I had to go especially when I was gone for a month. Once again it broke my heart to leave my family again, but I knew they understood what I had to do.

After four years, I found myself doubting the way of the Jedi and began to defy their wishes every now and then, they didn't take it to well, in the end I left the order and traveled the Galaxy helping others anyway I could, but during my travels I found myself getting into more trouble than someone getting into a shootout at a cantina, I would "accidentally" get into civil wars and gang fights.

As I grew older I traveled the Galaxy, I would continuously be hunted by a Sith who called himself "Aeros" we dueled on every planet I went to from Taris to Rishi, until he finally fell there and I was happy at the thought of not being hunted anymore. At age 25 I began to read up on Sith ideology and realized they were no better than the Jedi, I had heard there was an order for those who believe in the balance of the force and that is how I got the the 'Grey Jedi' Order and adorned new clothing, with new friends and enemies to battle. If you are reading this and figure you need to ask some question feel free, because this Journal of my story is going into the archives, where I will be forever remembered as Astechacha Lugioh.

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