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General Ezho Hungarian - Mandalorian/Sith Bloodline

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General Ezho Hungarian - Mandalorian/Sith Bloodline Empty General Ezho Hungarian - Mandalorian/Sith Bloodline

Post by General Ezho on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:45 pm

Name: Ezho Hungarian

Aliases: General, Commander,

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Weight: 198 IBs

Current Age: 29

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Race: Human, cyborg implants

Alignment: Mildly force sensitive, but not trained/strong enough to lean towards light or dark side of the force.

Home Planet: Corellia

Unit Division: Ghost Division

Squad: None

Clothes/Equipment: Armor varies. Blaster rifle, assault cannon.

Marks: Scars on the right side of his face. Implants on the right side of his head and on his wrist.

Personality: Generally seems to have multiple personalities but that analysis is false. It depends on how formal a situation is, and who he is speaking to that determines how he carries himself.

History: Born into a Mandalorian/Sith crossed bloodline, his male cousin becoming Sith then later a technological genius and his female cousin becoming a force sensitive mandalorian. He grew up on corellia to experience the Imperial attacks along side his brother, Arulah, which caused the two to abandon their family heritage and join the Republic armed forces.

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