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Beginner's Guide to RP

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Beginner's Guide to RP Empty Beginner's Guide to RP

Post by General Ezho on Sun Mar 13, 2016 3:36 pm

General rules:
-Channels /S (say) and /Y (yell) are IC (in-character). That means that when you use it, you are not , but you are . You are your character. Therefore, you cannot use smileys and abbreviations (like lol, rofl, lmao etc.) in the aforementioned channels. You need to speak as your character would.

-Others channels are OOC (out-of-character): /party, General, Trade etc. Guild channels can be OOC or IC, depending on the guild you are in. Just ask your fellow guild members and they will tell you whether the guild chat is OOC or IC.

-You will see a lot of people being and behaving OOC. These people are not appreciated by the population of the server since they break the immersion one achieves when role-playing. If you do not want to role-play, fine. But then, at least be discrete and do not disturb people when they are role-playing.

Where to begin?

-Read the lore of your race and your class. This is the minimum requirement asked before you create your first character.

-Read the lore of the game. At least know about the story in general. SWTOR Universe is very vast, it will be difficult to know everything. But more you know, the better.

-You can start by reading The Holonet on the SWTOR website (link at the bottom)

-Now that you know a bit about your race and your world, you can imagine a background for your character. Believe my experience, it is a lot more fun to role-play after you first create a background, even a short, basic one, than to immediately jump into role-play without knowing who your character is exactly.

-Enjoy the story line : SWTOR is a very immersive game, with a heavy story line, cut scenes, and conversations with multiple choices that affect the game. Just let yourself get caught. You will see, it's magic. Roleplaying your character will come naturally.

-Optional, but useful : Read the lore of your guild: as you have madee a character to be in a particular guild, it might be a good idea to make it fit with the guild’s own theme. It is not an obligation, but it can be more convenient in this particular case.

How to role-play? From theory to practice!

-You know your race, your class, and what is happening in the world. You have your background (biography) and you know the personality of your character. But all of this is theory. Let us see how to put this into practice.
Get a role-playing outfit! It is fun, and immediately gives a lot more depth to your character than if you walk around in your raiding gear. You can even have different outfits for different occasions, or just for the pleasure to change yourself often. I would recommend you to choose a main outfit, so everyone can spot you and recognise you easily. But this is, however, really up to you.
A role-playing outfit is whatever dress your character would wear to fit its role/personality or the situation.

-Use emotes! SWTOR have a lot of emotes that you can access easily in the emote menu (top of your chat box), or by typing them : "/dance", "/angry" etc. The most used emote is a custom emote. /e or /me creates it. For example if I type '/e (or /me) stretches and yawns as he lays his head on the counter.' it'll show in orange text as 'Ezho stretches and yawns as he lays his head on the counter.'

-Emote list link at the bottom.

-Interact with the world. Everything in game is made to be used. Use chairs, benches, and trees. Use your imagination to make the world more alive. Do not hesitate to speak or salute a NPC. Yes, it will not always answer, but it makes the world more alive.

-Don't be shy! Do not hesitate to start a conversation with other players. It's not always easy to find a good reason to start roleplay. There is some little tricks however, to get the attention of possible roleplayers arround you.

-Walk instead of running : that generaly tag you automaticly as roleplayer
-Talk to yourself aloud, or to your companion : that will show that you are roleplaying and may encourage other roleplayer to come to you
-Bump into someone, and excuse yourself : that's generaly a simple and good trick to start interact with other players. You don't need two pages background to justify to bump into someone. It's easy, and anyone can participate.
-Ask your way : this is another good excuse to start roleplaying when you don't know how to start.

-Participate to Roleplaying events! This is probably the best way to get aquainted with Roleplay when you are a beginner. A roleplay event will immediatly give you the opportunity to meet other player and a good excuse to be present. Find yourself a outfit that match the situation (you will not be dressed the same for a Cantina party, or for a battle against the Empire). You will see a lot of player arround you roleplaying, you will see how they are doing. You can stay quiet and observe, or participate immediatly if you feel like it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. We were all beginners at one point.

What to never do:

-God Modding/Power Modding: you impose your role play over someone else with a powerful emote. The person in front of you has no choice. Bad, immature role-players abuse this, making them unpleasant to play with.
* gives such a powerful kick in Zynell’s belly that the zabrak floes over the room and knocks his head against the table.*
*uses his magic powers to control the mind of Ezho and force him to bow in front of his magnificence.*
* is so beautiful that every man in the vicinity can’t help but sigh in admiration.*
If your character has magical powers, or powerful abilities which do not match the lore or are just ...too much. We still have to see what kind of Sith Lord we will meet at the Nar Shaddaa Cantina. If it can be interesting to have a more powerful character than weaker characters, it is still not fun to role-play with someone stronger than the end boss of the current content. Often the players choosing that kind of background are also (strangely) bad losers, immature, and drama queens OOC.

-Metagaming is when you use information that you, the player, know about but your character does not know about. It is mixing what you know OCC and IC.
The most common mistake you might do at the start is to call someone by the name you see above his head before the character told you what his name is.
Sometimes it can be confusing, but always try to make the difference between what YOU know, and what your CHARACTER knows.

-Cheezy roleplay : avoid clichés, copied-pasted background from an existing hero, the usual drama of the orphan seeking to revenge the death of his whole family, the hero ravaged by a curse, or mind controled by a powerfull beeing. A roleplayer need to be excellent to give a renewed dimension to a cliché.
If you are beginner, favourise something simple. You will see that the world is filled of extraordinary heroes, and that often it's more original to be a unremarkable person doing its job, with its two parents alive.

How to be a pleasant role player!

-The difference between a pleasant role-player and a boring role-player is not only the quality of your background, or your knowledge of the lore. I would say the main quality of a role-player is to not behave as the centre of the world.
The secret is to think about others always, and not be ego-centric. Will your role-play be amusing for others or annoying? Will your intervention bring something new to the situation or make it more confusing? Will your intervention be constructive and push the story further, or will it block the story?

-Something you learn is to always make an opening for others. Refusing everything is not a good idea. You character disagrees, okay, but always leave a door open for negotiations. Always let the possibilities for other to interact, to choose, and to add something.

-One of the most annoying things I have personally seen when role-playing was a guy controlled by a demon. Suddenly, he would speak with a dark voice, do stupid stuff and require everyone’s attention. What others were doing have no importance, now he is the centre of the story! Sometimes, this can be extremely annoying, even if the guy plays well, even if his “possession” make sense, and has a solid story etc… The guy is not respecting other people’s fun, and requires all the attention for himself. He is not a bad role-player, but he is greedy and not fun.

SWTOR Holonet:

SWTOR List of emotes:


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